Are you feeling Disneyish?

Disneyish is a site about Disney, created by Disney fans.  Our mission is to help you live a more Disneyish life whether you are making memories in the parks, home from your trip, or thinking about booking your next Disney holiday.

At Disneyish you’ll find great Disney gifts, merchandise and everything that will make everything a little more Disneyish even when you’re back in the reality of the outside world.

When you’re thinking about booking your next Disney holiday, we’re here for that too!

About Disneyish

As you may have guessed we’re a very Disney family, from the Disney parks to the Disney movies.  Our hope is to make Disneyish a useful resource for you, from our Disneyish family to yours.

More about Disneyish Dad

I first went to Disney on my honeymoon. I’d never been before that but I’ve been multiple times since. I’m based in the UK so we try to make each trip last as long as possible.  Since having our daughter we have taken her to Disney World twice, and she’s only four!

More about Disneyish Mum

I’m a true Disney Mum and run my own Disney blog so all in all, we are Disney obsessed. Like many other Disney fans after every visit to Disney we’re left wanting more,  wondering when our next trip will be. We’ve already started planning our next Disney World holiday!

More about Disneyish Daughter

I’m only four but I’ve already been to Disneyland Paris once and Disney World twice. My mum and dad will tell you about my experiences at Disney and what I like, don’t like.

We’re Disneyish

We’re always trying to get closer to the magic even when we’re not at the Disney parks and Disneyish is here to help you do the same. Find great Disney Gifts or follow our tips to get closer to the magic from home by living a Disney lifestyle.